Do people really care about what other, non-famous people do with their days? Despite fairly firm insistence on the negative, I think that we (and when I say we, I mostly mean me) are at least moderately interested in how other people do ordinary things such as eating breakfast, going to work and spending their free time.  Why would we so consistently like photos of painted toenails and venti Double Chocolatey Chip Frappuccinos otherwise? While racking my brain for potential blog post ideas, I had the entirely unoriginal thought to track my Saturday through photos. As it turns out, a Saturday that was supposed to be fairly uneventful took a somewhat munexpected twist (both metaphorically and literally) near the end of the day.


10 a.m.:


Normal day. I am getting ready to go for a run while listening to One Hundred Years of Solitude (note that somewhere in between the download of my audiobook and the transfer of it onto my iPad, a few of the vowels in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s name were dropped—the travesty!). I’ve also come to the conclusion that running while concentrating on a book is not as easy as it seems, so I do not lose any sleep about walking at a leisurely pace while listening to it.


11:30 a.m.:


A stop by Canada Post to ship some of the old clothes I sold on eBay to various locations across North America. Isn’t technology grand?


12:00 p.m.:


A weekend brunch of hashbrowns, Portabello mushrooms and poached egg in hollandaise sauce from one of my favourite food trucks in the city: Yolks. So much yum.


3 p.m.:


And then my day took on a somewhat unexpected turn: while walking down the stairs with a few wooden boards that were supposed to come together in a bookshelf, I tripped and twisted my ankle. I bruised it up pretty badly and still cannot step on it fully. Being clumsy sucks.


5 p.m.:


As I already made plans to go swiming earlier in the day, I decided to go despite the mishap with the ankle. Swimming does not require strenuous use of the feet, after all.

Written by Veronika

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