Floral Shirt

In a mildly ironic turn of happenstance for someone who wants to write about fashion among other things, I am wary of outfit posts. I like looking at them, of course, but have never felt fully comfortable posting them myself. The irony is that up until a certain period in my late teens, I had managed to convince myself that I could be a model. I even scored a few paid photoshoots (including one that involved stepping into a public fountain fully clothed for a photo) before I realized that I had neither the patience nor the morale to continue it with any sort of regularity.


So while modelling is definitely not my cup of tea, it is kind of hard to orient your blog towards fashion without posting a few photos of your outfits every now and again. This morning, I put on a floral shirt that I had bought a few months ago at a sale and went wandering by the water. It seemed like a good idea to take a few photos for a what-I-wore type of blog post. There may be more of these to come.

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Floral Shirt: POL (purchased at Anthropologie) Cigarette Trousers: Club Monaco Bag: J. Crew Black Flats: Bloch Nail Polish: OPI Black Onyx

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