If you are like me, you get disproportionately excited about everyday things. While this fact is often reformated as bragging rights by those who want to give off the impression of effortless quirkiness, I truly believe that experiencing genuine excitement over little things is natural rather than weird or unsual. It is, after all, what gives us those hits of unfiltered happiness and stops our lives from slipping into the realm of the mundane that terrifies me to no end. And so I’ve decided to create my own list of small thrills and simple pleasures, in some part inspired by Neil Pasricha’s Book of Awesome.


Hearing your favourite song come on the radio:

Despite the fact that smartphones and data minutes have made an enormous depository of music available at several finger taps for most of us, there is still something thrilling (in the ‘hey-let’s-sing-along-even-if-we-can’t-sing’ kind of way) about hearing your favourite song come on the radio. For me, at least, this is one thrill thrill that has not yet been worn away by modern technology.

Pen and pencil shopping:

Some people collect rubber ducks (that’s me, by the way). Others like to line their walls with antique maps of cities (that also used to be me). While I’ve fluctuated in my collecting preferences over the years, my desire to purchase and hoard pens of varying sizes, colours, and degrees of inkiness has never waned. Testing a brand-new pen is a high that cannot be messed with.

Waking up 20 minutes before the alarm clock:

I was at a writing seminar when I learned that this is far from being something that everyone enjoys. I, however, love the sweet, sweet state of half-sleep that you can sink into with the knowledge that you do not have to be ‘officially up’ for another twenty or so minutes. Ah…

Reaping the rewards of bargain hunting:

I like the not-so-healthy thrill of buying something new for myself as much as the next person, but I love finding high-quality items at large discounts even more. Yes, I’m talking about fashion. Scouring all those consignment stores, sample sales and eBay is totally worth it when it leads to that one killer piece.

Board games:

Scrabble. Pictionary. Monopoly. Bananagrams. Chess. Uno. Carcassone. I don’t know whether I like board games because they bring people together or because they give me the opportunity to unleash my incredibly competitive side, but I would totally play them all day if I could find enough people to play them with me.

Written by Veronika

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