As temperatures in the high thirties continue to hit Vancouver, I am once again reminded of just how poorly I would get on in a truly hot climate. While 29°C is no 45°C that I once experienced on a not-so-beautiful winter day in Australia, it is just enough to bring out the complaining uglies in a truly temperate being like me. Despite a fairly early hatred of snow and all other forms of cold, I’ve started to realize that I hate moist heat equally. I hate the sticky feeling of your skin that comes with running errands during the day and I hate waking up with matted hair in the morning. So how does one find creative ways to cool off? While there is such a thing as air conditioning these days, I’ve thought up of more fun and environmentally-friendly ideas.



Setting up camp under a tree:

I’ve never appreciated the leafy and shadowy goodness of trees more than in a heat wave. If not for their notoriously spotty Wifi, I would totally camp out under one of them indefinitely.


Slides and ice cream:

When I was about ten years old, I had the bright idea to go down a slide with an ice cream cone in my mouth (no hands, obviously!) I even managed to make it down the slide with an intact cone and impress all the kids in the area for a split second, but… I dropped the cone as soon as I got off the slide. This heat is making me wonder if I’d be able to recreate the trick now. (The answer is yes, obviously.)


Water is your friend:

Pools, lakes and beaches are an incredibly fun and efficient way to escape the heat for people around the world. Dunking your head underwater and only bringing it out when you need to do insignificant things such as breathing has always worked for me.


Healthy competition:

If you can stand the guaranteed brain freeze, seeing who can drink the most frozen lemonade (or any other frozen beverage) in one gulp  is a good way to both feel cold and allow yourself to become fiercely competitive over insignificant things.


Becoming nocturnal:

Who needs the light and accessibility of stores that daytime hours offer, anyway? Why not embrace the salvation that those late hours offer by going the way of the bats, dingos and Cyprus spiny mice?


Lusting after December:

When you’re busy brushing off sweat and sprinting from tree to tree, the thought of  a rainy (or snowy, depending on where you live) is a good one. And when December finally comes, you can start to whine about the cold in a way that does true justice to the cycle of the seasons.


Dishonourable mention: I’ve once read that you can put your pillow in the freezer and then sleep on it to beat the heat during the night, but that hearkens back to sleeping in a puddle. Not my idea of fun.

Written by Veronika

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