1. Uniqlo Light Cotton Jacket 2. Kendra Scott ‘Andy’ Station Cuff 3. Salvatore Ferragamo ‘My Quilted’ Cap Toe Ballet Flats 4. Rebecca Minkoff ‘Sansa’ Dress 5. Rebecca Minkoff ‘Leo’ Envelope Clutch 6. Vero Moda ‘Mirella’ Jumper 7. Butter London Nail Lacquer in Kip 8. Kendra Scott ‘Dylan’ Pendant Necklace 9. R.J. Graziano ‘Button Stud’ Earrings

Despite being on a fairly strict and self-imposed shopping ban this summer, I am still totally guilty of scanning through magazines and the internet for clothes, jewelry and other random knicknacks that I find cute. When scanning for things from which to draw inspiration, I’ve noticed an abundance of periwinkle (which is otherwise known as a very light blue that is named after a flower that does not resemble the colour in the slightest) both on the runways and in stores. Now, this is a colour that is very fun to pronounce and, like amaranth or smalt, probably did not exist in most of our vocabularies until the fashion industry decided to bring it forth (or is it back?).

That said, I am still head over heels this shade of blue. Anyone want to dress up in periwinkle and come sip tea from a cup and saucer with me? Anyone at all?

Written by Veronika

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