It’s somewhat ironic that someone who is in a bit of a blogging slump herself should advise others on what to write about, but here we are. We all have days when we want to write but end up staring at the computer listlessly for hours. Sometimes it helps to just not write for a while and sometimes you need some kind of prompt to get started. This is a list that I will refer to next time I do not know what to write about and that I hope will help someone else get those blogging wheels grinding. These are a few of the topics that I would gladly want to read about, at least.


Blog Post Ideas

1. What authors/artists/musicians/designers/ordinary people inspire you?

2. What are some of your favourite geeky pastimes?

3. Share someone else’s story. Interview your mom, sister or even an old high school teacher.

4. What are some of your favourite clothing pieces?

5. What was your first solo trip?

6. Are there any quotes that got you through some tough times?

7. Blogging about what you had for lunch can sometimes be totally justified. If what you had is mounds of fried cheese or Densuke watermelon, that is.

8. What character flaws are you not able to tolerate in people?

9. If someone you don’t really want to talk to asks for your number, do you a) say no b) give out a fake or c) give out your real number and not respond?

10. What is your favourite fashion era and why?

11. Do you love or hate the city where you grew up?

12. What would you do with an extra $100,000?

13. Share five of your funniest text messages. (Granted, I once thought attempting to recreate a whale swimming in the ocean out of the en-dash via text was funny.)

14. Do you hoard or throw away?

15. What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever had to take? Did it pay off?

16. What do you wear on days when you don’t have to leave the house?

17. Reading: print or online?

18. Is there a trend that you just do not understand?

19. Show me an interesting place (park, store, eatery) in your neck of the woods.

20. Wishlists: do you have any clothes, makeup or tech toys dying that you’re just dying to try out?

21. When you go to a new place, do you buy little souvenirs? Why or why not?

22. Tell me about the last movie you saw.

23. Have you travelled extensively in your own country? Do you want to?

24. What is a skill that you were never able to master?

25. Write about writing and what it means for you. Is it essays (yeah, right)? Stories? Instagram captions?


Written by Veronika

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