We all have some fashion pet peeves and clothing choices that just make us wince. Now, I am not talking about obvious no-gos such as socks with sandals or leisure suits, which have long ago become fair game for general mockery. For the purposes of this post, I am much more interested in clothes that look perfectly fine on other people but do not suit me for whatever reason. Here is a short list.



V-Neck Sweaters:

For all of their variety and general appeal, I have never liked the way that v-necks looked on me. The v-neck wrap dress is one rare exception, but you will rarely see me rocking a v-neck otherwise. I don’t really have a reason other than “I don’t like how they look”, to be honest.


You know waht is really, really disappointing? Strolling through the sale racks at a store, finding a skirt you like and later discovering that it is a… skort. (The horror…) I feel like they’re exclusively reserved for tennis players and children under the age of eight.

Very High Heels: 

Oh, do I love how they look! That said, I cannot walk in them to save my life and will almost always opt for flats or smaller heels. Luckily, there is no shortage of variety for either of those categories.

Vertical Stripes:

I own a LOT of clothing with horizontal stripes and almost none with vertical ones. I’ve seen many people wear them succesfully, though.

Double Denim:

It was all the rage in the 1990s, publicly vilified in the 2000s and briskly and unapolagetically brought back in the 2010s. Despite double denim’s never-failing comeback abilities, I’ve always been skeptical (nay, downright snide) about this trend. I just know that if I do fall victim to it, the what-was-I-thinking moment will follow shortly.

Written by Veronika

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