While trying to create some sense of order in my very large photo library, I came across a few videos that I shot on my phone during my visit to Vancouver last week. The place? The Sea to Sky Highway drive from North Vancouver to Whistler, from the passenger seat window of a car. The time? Mid-afternoon. While I have never been an excellent videographer (tripods give me nightmares), the beauty of the ocean and the mountains compelled me to stick my hand out of the window of a moving car and try filming. The result is less of a story and more of a moment in time — an instant where I felt joy from the wind and the rush of trying not to drop my phone onto a disappearing highway.


Written by Veronika

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I managed to fill one large pail to the top and am already thinking of all the wonderful things I can do with my capture. As a not-so-irrelevant aside, I thought I d include a poem about blackberries by Sylvia Plath that I once had to analyze it in my second year literature class and didn t really get at the time.


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