Today is March 8, a day dedicated to women everywhere — it is only natural for me to focus my weekly links roundup on the wide wealth of female talent out there. To the women I’ve met, will meet or may never meet… The times that we presently live in call for constant and tireless dedication to our shared well-being.


Washington, D.C. saw more than 500,000 Women's March protesters. Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

1.You do not have to look particularly far for intelligent and inspiring women. A friend of mine just got her first article published in The New York Times. Another friend of mine regularly profiles female entrepreneurs for The Wall Street Journal. My mother has been running a business for years. Examples of incredible women are all around you, if you only choose to look.


2. This photo profile of women in building work feels particularly relevant today.


3. Tatyana Nekrasova (@nekrasovatanya_art) took this stunning photo of her grandmother and her great-aunt. Elderly Crimean women are presented in a powerful and a non-stereotypical way; what’s not to love?


4. Photographer Rena Silverman published this lovely photo essay about the daily experiences of Alaskan Inuits.


5. While the purpose of this experiment clearly went over the heads of some many internet commenters, Loganberry Books definitely did something right by pointing out the discrepancies that still exist within literature in this way.


6. Desi the female cat is what you would call Instagram famous. And with this photo of her after she got her fur trimmed, you can see why.


7. I was going to link to some noble-but-not-widely-shared GoFundMe page, but instead decided to just say that those who need help the most do not always ask for it loudest. Give $10. If you care about health, find a young twenty-something who was hit with some unexpected medical bills.  If education’s your thing, find a young girl who may have to drop out of school because of the expense of books. And if you cannot do something like that today, do it on some other day in the future.


8. This also seems like a fitting time to bring back a feminist think-piece I wrote earlier this year. I so wish to see greater understanding for both introverts and women.


9. Margaret Sullivan from The Washington Post started this running list of women who run top media organizations. Knowing these numbers is the first step in effecting change.


10. And lastly, this.

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