When you work in breaking news like I do, it’s easy to get swept up by bad ones. I don’t really have any wise advice about dealing with the constant onslaught of bad news you hear about the world (neither ignoring it nor faking senseless positivity seem particularly appropriate). You both can’t and can’t not maintain normalcy. On that note, if anyone has any advice about dealing with anxiety brought on by the state of our world and the people who live in it, I could use it.


1.These photos from 1987 are a stark reminder of just how much and how quickly our world changes.

2. This story about a girl who got hit by a train while taking photos on some railway tracks shook me to my very core. I know so many people who took their engagement photos on such tracks and thought nothing of it.

3. I wrote this article about a Cinco de Mayo celebration that was cancelled due to the current wave of anti-immigrant sentiment in the US. We are living in a dystopia.

4. Photographer Hidetoshi Kikuchi (@hidetoshi_kikuchi) takes breathtaking photos of animals. Exhibit A, below.



5. Lame “cut it out” puns notwithstanding, I laughed pretty hard when I read this story about diplomats being asked to not use cardboard cutouts of Justin Trudeau to promote the country.

6. I am so down with Anshuman Ghosh’s (@moography) art that plays with the screen and borders of an iPhone.



7. In more mind-bending news, the Venezuelan government has been coming down on brownie and pastry bakers for creating luxury products rather than simple bread.

8. Davide Pretto (@dvdprtto) published this beautiful photo of an origami crane flying over his native Vicenza, Italy.



9. “We were the people who were not in the papers. We lived in the blank white spaces at the edges of print. It gave us more freedom. We lived in the gaps between the stories.” ~Margaret Atwood

10. I am so looking forward to playing this audio segment about how New Yorkers used to eat in the earlier years of the twentieth century this weekend. I feel that soda fountains have experienced a comeback. Wandering milkmen? Not so much.

Written by Veronika

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