This week was pretty much all about the food. I didn’t exactly plan to spend so much of the last seven days reading, scrolling through, and, of course, eating delicious dishes of all types and textures but you can always trust a true foodie to find her way to the pasta-rolling photo on Instagram. These are what I judge to be this week’s best foodie moments on the internet.


1.Can you imagine living until 24 without ever having tasted a Coke? The author of “The 24-Year-Old Coca-Cola Virgin” tracked such a person down.

2. Top Chef Canada started its all-stars season this week! And in an even more exciting twist, one of the new resident judges lived in the same Vancouver suburb that I grew up in.

3. An ice cream shop in Adelaide, Australia posted a video of workers turning a cheeseburger into ice cream. It looks… both incredibly disgusting and also kind of mesmerizing.



4. I made this short video of the one joy of ordering poached eggs at a brunch restaurant: watching the bright yellow yolk run out of the egg and onto your plate. May have also rewatched it a bunch of times since  then.


The most magical part of brunch.

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5.  Every day, Michael Zee (@symmetrybreakfast) posts a photo of symmetrical breakfasts for himself and his husband Mark. Adorable and scrumptious.



6. I wrote about the inconspicuously sexist practice of always handing the check to the man at the end of the meal. Just put it in the middle and let the diners figure payment out for themselves.

7. Williamsburg’s Smorgasburg introduced the spaghetti donut (I even blogged about what it all means for people who respect food here) and some freaked out.



8. I also really like this Fougerus cheese display from @frenchcheeseboard. That’s my kind of popsicle!


Stop by French Cheese Board today and sample some creamy #Fougerus! 🧀#makeitmagnifique #fromage #tasting

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9. Miyuki Adachi (@miyukiadachi) posts lovely photos of the pasta-making process — everything from simple macaroni to these delicate swirly cones.



10. Grapefruit flower petals. ‘Nuff said.


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