Even two decades into the age of the internet, many people can still be extremely curmudgeonly about the stuff that we read online. For way too many, blogs, websites and Twitter profiles sort of exist alongside but not within literature.

I personally think we need to read both books and blogs. And so here is this week’s internet roundup.


1.Photos of newborn animals (in particular, hippos) will never stop making me giddy with happiness.

2. Christoph Schlein (@christophschlein) photos make a landscape I’ve very familiar with feel magical.



3. Tell me you haven’t come across the guy who holds a giant fish in the photo of his Tinder profile. This New Yorker satire piece is everything.

4. For all my earlier talk of not being snobs, I worry about the future of reading a lot. So much so that I thought I’d rant about it (yet again) on my blog.

5. Instagram featured Irwin Chan (@irwinsychan)’s heady photo of a street market in Hong Kong.



6. This month will bring us the latest season of House of Cards. In the current political climate, it is the one show that helps keep me sane.

7. My home city was featured in a “Where to Eat” piece on Eater. I’m both very happy and very hungry.

8. Your weekly dose of noodle porn, from Dave Hagerman (@davehagerman.)


Economy beehoon. Kimberly Street. #georgetown #streetfood

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9. You should definitely read this article about a single tree in New York.

10. “The road to hell is paved with works in progress.” ~Philip Roth

Written by Veronika

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