It’s June. You certainly wouldn’t be able to tell the month is here just from spending time outdoors in New York City lately but it is not the second week of June nonetheless.


Why, unlike last year, is it cloudy? Why, unlike last year, is there still so much rain? I am so ready for the weather in this city to get more normal again.





1.Ever wonder how you go about photographing wild lions? This New York Times photo essay lays it all out in great detail.

2. This little birdie (@rhea_thenakedbirdie) has battled a disease that made her feathers fall out. And still, she fights on.



3. In 1972, a woman named Jennifer Skolnik was featured in a magazine piece called “Notes of a Recycled Housewife.” In 2017, she writes for New York Magazine again.

4. The layers in this @travisburkephotography photo are something else.


This was the first place I fell in love with the American southwest. Its seemingly endless backroads had us driving fast, windows down, four heads sticking out singing at the top of our lungs. We hiked across a Martian landscape to this oasis where we spent the night eating Thai curry under the stars. — Escalante is one of 27 very special national monuments under review under an executive order which could result in the shrinking or abolishing of these areas. While I don't know everything about all 27, many of these areas I have been to in person. They are treasures in every sense of the word and I favor protecting our public lands. For the first time EVER, the Department of the Interior is listening to public input so if you have an opinion please take the time to make your voice heard. More info in my bio. Ps: Thank you to all of you who spoke at the capitol this week. Photo by @travisburkephotography

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5. The debate on whether the women on Sex and the City are inspiring or kind of terrible continues! The latest, here.

6. This veggie burger spread from @food52 is kind of cool.



7. I wrote this piece about why those solidarity filters have stopped appearing on Facebook.

8. Look up @pinot on Instagram.

9. These photos of the Moscow Metro are also very interesting.

10. “They muddy the water to make it seem deep.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

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