Time. There has been way too little of it this week. I once again feel like I am so behind on, well, everything.


1.If anyone ever asks why women’s rights are still an issue, tell them it’s because so many people still think this way.

2. I really liked this photo essay on volcanoes in Mexico.

3. Women dressed as characters from The Handmaid’s Tale protested in front of government buildings and stuff.

4. Instagram featured Kaner Scott (@kanerflex), a dancer whose body moves in ways mine will never do.


Throughout his 22 years, dancer Kaner Scott (@kanerflex) has seen his share of hardship — but time and again he has chosen to learn from it. When he was 4, Kaner was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome; at age 15 he was re-diagnosed with autism. That same year, he became homeless. “That changed everything for me,” says Kaner. “If that didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” By the time he was 16, Kaner was off the streets and watching online videos to teach himself how to dance — particularly flexing, a style characterized by rhythmic, ultra-flexible contortions. Fast-forward to today, and Kaner is a professional dancer, choreographer and model. “Dance has taught me how to express myself, how to take negative energy and channel it into something positive,” he says. Kaner sees his autism in a positive light as well: “I look at it as something special, as an ability. I use it as a tool to make me ascend to a higher platform.” Watch our Instagram story now to learn some flexing moves from Kaner. Photo by @kanerflex

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5. Part II of the National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year contest has now been published. I can’t believe how beautiful this earth can be.

6. One of my favourite accounts on all of Instagram (@salavat.fidai) posted this beautiful pencil carving this week.


What Is Dead May Never Die

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7. #awesomeshoegoals



8. Lately, I’ve been developing a sort of wedding phobia — you could say I am put off by the theatrics most girls crave. And even though I am far from needing any of them, I really liked this Elle feature on cheap engagement rings “for those who don’t have anything to prove.”

9. It wouldn’t be a weekly link roundup without footage of cheese being poured overtop of things.


Adding raclette to our fancy Philly Cheesesteak #bts #GreatFoodTruckRace

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10. The New Yorker profiled a drag queen who lived in Greenwich Village since 1956.

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