It is the middle of July even though, in my head, it still feels like June just started yesterday. But alas, most people are already writing about the day when they’ll be able to turn off AC. This was, I feel, yet another busy week for me — I once again put this list of links together relatively quickly. Then again, that is how we live our lives nowadays, isn’t it? We move so fast we barely have time to catch up with ourselves.

(Whether that is a good or bad thing is another question.)


1.My single goal in life is to own so many swans that other people have to count them for me every single year.

2. What do you know about people who make giant globes by hand (@globemakers)? If you’re like me, probably regrettably little.


Hello all new friends – thanks to @instagram & thank you for taking interest in what we are doing! . Our website is experiencing high traffic (good news right!) so you may have trouble accessing it for the next few hours. . Some questions answered. . We ship worldwide from London. . All of our globes are made bespoke to order. You choose the size, colours & base and have the option of bespoke cartography & added detail like travel routes or hand drawn & hand painted illustrations. . We hired 4 new artists in the last month, for future job opportunities check our blog or look for posts on here. All of our team come from an arts & design background. . Any questions email me direct on . Longtime followers check out 'stories' on @instagram 🙌🏼🌏💕

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3. This New York Times photo essay by someone who returned to Russia after immigration spoke to me on a personal level.

4. You’re welcome.



5. The Guardian published this great photo essay on puffins that live off the coast of Scotland.

6. There’s something hypnotizing about pasta swirls.



7. More food! This post about popular foods from the 1990s, in particular.

8. And then there’s some zany fashion inspiration from Elle España’s Instagram (@elle_spain).



9. I’ve been rapturously into CNN’s Decades series these days.

10. And also more royals! This week, I worked on a really long slideshow about what Britain’s royal family looked like on the year that you (generic you aka anyone) were born.

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