Fashion Week SS18 was one of my favourite parts of the year.

A Letter to Myself: 25 Things I Learned in 2017

It will soon be 2018, a year that somehow still feels futuristic. For another five hours, it feels like the faraway future rather than the indisputable now. Ends and beginning always inspire me to write some sort of thoughts on where this is all heading. Ends and beginnings always leave me scrambling to tie inherently… Read more »

I was treated to this lovely view on a flight from Madrid to New York.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko.

Preparation or Lack Thereof: Dealing With Emergency Situations on Planes

Picture this: a plane is flying 36,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. A passenger falls ill and faints, causing half-asleep neighbors to jump up and frantically scream for help. The scene draws a crowd, part those who just want to help and part those who just want to look. Those who try to help do… Read more »

This is Miami, kid.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

Literary Ambitions and Lack of Execution

It was a two-week hiatus that went on for almost two months. The end of the summer was hard and not writing was just that much easier. But yes, I have officially opened the Word Document with the 120,000-word “pet project” (at this point, I am comfortable enough to say that I am fairly deep… Read more »

The Eclipse, Flatiron District.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

Notes on the Eclipse.

“Seeing a partial eclipse bears the same relation to seeing a total eclipse as kissing a man does to marrying him.” ~Annie Dillard   And I, today, saw a total eclipse. I had, to be honest, fully expected to be disappointed. Heat, crowds, and jutted elbows used to secure spots obscured by two rather than… Read more »

I sketched these mountain landscapes the other day.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

Negativity Is A Boring Cycle

No other person can carry you through unhappiness. Most people will nod and say the right things but, ultimately, get tired of your negativity. Even when they are the people closest to you. Even when you have every reason to feel down.   I have, recently, been dealing with an onslaught of issues — professional,… Read more »

Long Beach is outrageously expensive in the summer.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

Summer Heat Or How Have I Not Melted Yet?

I may be forced to write quite a few posts about the New York heat this summer because, well, it has overwhelmed me to the core. It is overwhelming to feel like you’re melting every time you go outside and, even when inside, if you don’t turn on the air conditioning. It’s overwhelming to walk… Read more »

Brooklyn at night.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

Not The Best Day

I had meant to write about the summer heat today but… life got ahead of me, I suppose. Life got ahead of me in the sense that I was walking home from the subway station, witnessed an emergency situation, and ended up having to dial 911 for the first time in my life. There will… Read more »

This is what you see when you cross my door.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko


To switch up what I see when I cross my bedroom door, I decided to tack some of my favourite postcards up on it. As you may see, I struggled to keep the lines straight a little bit, but… I think there’s something for the diagonal line as well.  

Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

Weekly Internet-ing: Sparkly People, Links, and Things

It is the middle of July even though, in my head, it still feels like June just started yesterday. But alas, most people are already writing about the day when they’ll be able to turn off AC. This was, I feel, yet another busy week for me — I once again put this list of… Read more »

  • Flowers, flowers!
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

    Flowers, Pretty Flowers

    I have been way too busy these past few days…. One day I will have the chance to breathe (and write better blog posts) again. For now, though, the pretty flowers I saw at the LaGuardia Corner Garden near NYU will have to do.  

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    Your Daily Writing Reminder

  • You see these bright pop-ups as you drive into Indianapolis.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

    Bright Stumps in Indiana

    I spent this weekend in Indiana (the visit may definitely seem random if you don’t consider the conference that brought me there) and, on my way into town, saw these pixie-coloured stumps in the middle of a grassy field. I’m not quite sure what they are or who has put them there, but I think… Read more »

  • An Indianapolis candy shop is the place for "Stalin soda," apparently.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

    Why do you need a Stalin Soda?

    I found this “Stalin Soda” in a vintage candy shop in Indianapolis and am still in a bit of shock. Do I even want to know why someone thought that creating a bright red and sugar-loaded soda in honour of a ruthless Soviet leader was a good idea?   On second thought, no, I don’t…. Read more »

  • This is a photo of Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow around 1966.
Photo: YouTube ScreenShot Marmar

    Generational Divide.

    I’ve been really fascinated by Old Hollywood lately. Mostly with the help of a podcast called “You Must Remember This,” I’ve been learning all about the scandals and intrigues of early (or even not so early, as you can see in the photo below) Hollywood movies. This photo, in particular, I find fascinating — Frank… Read more »

  • Tom Otterness designed the sculptures all over 14th Street Station.
Photo Veronika Bondarenko

    Hidden New York (Life Underground)

    These small bronzes statues of people and animals by Tom Otters are strategically placed all over 14th Street Station in New York. They make me think of Monopoly and I’ve found at least twenty!  

  • I saw this rat while waiting for the Brooklyn-bound L train.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

    The Rats of New York

    I saw the infamous New York subway rat for the first time today; the small guy was scurrying to the nearest corner while I was patiently waiting for the train.   P.S. A normal person would be less thrilled sharing walking space with a rodent, but I was captivated enough to take a blurry picture of the… Read more »

  • Rittenhouse Square is a lovely park full of fountains and statues.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

    Philadelphia Diaries

      To get away, I took a weekend bus from New York to Philadelphia. To stay behind (I really like the city’s quaint streets and Federal architecture), I captured city sights with a phone and a eye for all in bloom. The photographic result is below.  

  • Someone spruced up this sign on the Brooklyn Bridge.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

    On Lazy Days…

    You ever have just an incredibly lazy day? That was the kind of day I had today. I had planned to do a whole bunch of chores but didn’t. I could have seen some people, but stayed home. I also should have probably done something to be better prepared for the week ahead but instead did… Read more »

  • You can buy these open-faced sandwiches at the Great North Food Hall at Grand Central Station.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

    On Pickled Herring

    For an adventure, I tried this open-faced pickled herring sandwich today. It was chewy, salty and very European.