Fashion Week SS18 was one of my favourite parts of the year.

A Letter to Myself: 25 Things I Learned in 2017

It will soon be 2018, a year that somehow still feels futuristic. For another five hours, it feels like the faraway future rather than the indisputable now. Ends and beginning always inspire me to write some sort of thoughts on where this is all heading. Ends and beginnings always leave me scrambling to tie inherently… Read more »

I was treated to this lovely view on a flight from Madrid to New York.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko.

Preparation or Lack Thereof: Dealing With Emergency Situations on Planes

Picture this: a plane is flying 36,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. A passenger falls ill and faints, causing half-asleep neighbors to jump up and frantically scream for help. The scene draws a crowd, part those who just want to help and part those who just want to look. Those who try to help do… Read more »

This is Miami, kid.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

Literary Ambitions and Lack of Execution

It was a two-week hiatus that went on for almost two months. The end of the summer was hard and not writing was just that much easier. But yes, I have officially opened the Word Document with the 120,000-word “pet project” (at this point, I am comfortable enough to say that I am fairly deep… Read more »

The Eclipse, Flatiron District.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

Notes on the Eclipse.

“Seeing a partial eclipse bears the same relation to seeing a total eclipse as kissing a man does to marrying him.” ~Annie Dillard   And I, today, saw a total eclipse. I had, to be honest, fully expected to be disappointed. Heat, crowds, and jutted elbows used to secure spots obscured by two rather than… Read more »

I sketched these mountain landscapes the other day.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

Negativity Is A Boring Cycle

No other person can carry you through unhappiness. Most people will nod and say the right things but, ultimately, get tired of your negativity. Even when they are the people closest to you. Even when you have every reason to feel down.   I have, recently, been dealing with an onslaught of issues — professional,… Read more »

Long Beach is outrageously expensive in the summer.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

Summer Heat Or How Have I Not Melted Yet?

I may be forced to write quite a few posts about the New York heat this summer because, well, it has overwhelmed me to the core. It is overwhelming to feel like you’re melting every time you go outside and, even when inside, if you don’t turn on the air conditioning. It’s overwhelming to walk… Read more »

Brooklyn at night.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

Not The Best Day

I had meant to write about the summer heat today but… life got ahead of me, I suppose. Life got ahead of me in the sense that I was walking home from the subway station, witnessed an emergency situation, and ended up having to dial 911 for the first time in my life. There will… Read more »

This is what you see when you cross my door.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko


To switch up what I see when I cross my bedroom door, I decided to tack some of my favourite postcards up on it. As you may see, I struggled to keep the lines straight a little bit, but… I think there’s something for the diagonal line as well.  

Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

Weekly Internet-ing: Sparkly People, Links, and Things

It is the middle of July even though, in my head, it still feels like June just started yesterday. But alas, most people are already writing about the day when they’ll be able to turn off AC. This was, I feel, yet another busy week for me — I once again put this list of… Read more »

  • Joan Didion, sometime in her late twenties.
YouTube Screenshot (Former People)

    Life Idols: Joan Didion

    Most girls see some part of themselves in Audrey Hepburn. My creative and professional icon is actually Joan Didion, the journalist who made travel reporting and broody coverage of social fragmentation happen when it was anything but cool. Despite starting more than sixty years within one another, our early lives certainly carry certain similarities: Didion was… Read more »

  • I saw this little kitty while walking to work in Brooklyn.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

    Kitties of Brooklyn

    I saw this little kitty not far from my own apartment in Brooklyn. I wonder how many people she saw pass her by.  

  • Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

    Weekly Internet-ing: Sparkly People, Links, and Things

    In between constant government hypocrisy and a major terrorist attack in a city where I once spent an entire academic semester, it has been a very difficult week. I am getting extremely tired of hearing the same trite sympathies, the same sides pushing their agendas minutes after an attack. And yet, as after every major… Read more »

  • Twitter Screenshot: CBS News

    This Has To Stop.

    Twenty-two people, mostly young women and girls, died in a terror attack at Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert yesterday. Why? Why? Why?   From James Corden to Queen Elizabeth, people worldwide are honoring the Manchester attack victims — CBS News (@CBSNews) May 23, 2017

  • This impressive shot comes from the Boston Public Library.
Photo: Flickr (Jan David Hanrath)

    …write more…

    “If you feel pushed to create something, create. You will work out all the technical stuff later.” (To the stranger who told me those words at a bar, thank you. For someone who is just starting to wade her toes into some longer writing, this was exactly what I needed to hear.)  

  • You see this view when you cross into Hoboken.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

    No Fishing, Please!

    Sometimes your sanity depends entirely on not doing too much questioning. I certainly felt this way when, on an evening visit to Hoboken, I saw people with fishing rods casually catching fish out of the Hudson River. You know, the same Hudson River that is loaded with PCBs and otherwise full of all the polluted… Read more »

  • Credit cards, credit cards.
Photo: Flickr (Sean MacEntee)

    No Credit Card Bills, Please!

    Have you ever spent days not logging into your bank account in an attempt to not ruin your mood? That, my friends, has been my life lately.  

  • Statues like this line the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

    New York Secrets: The Rooftop of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    You can live your life in New York and still not discover all the little nooks that make the city so interesting. My latest discovery: the rooftop of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s free (or, included with the “by donation” museum entry), it’s artsy (look at these table sculptures) and it has one of… Read more »

  • This quote just keeps on staying relevant.
Quote Photo by Veronika Bondarenko

    .no less relevant.

  • This sign is not a joke.
Photo by Veronika Bondarenko