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The Writing Space.

The writing/creative space: we all have one. Right now, mine is not particularly elegant or interesting. Instead of the sprawling mahogany table with a window onto the ocean, it is a desk with lots of Diet Coke and string cheese.   In other words, so me.  

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You Live How You Travel (And You Travel How You Live)

Recent (and slightly controversial) thought: travel does not always make people see things in a new  light. It is definitely one of the greatest pastimes out there but can still leave certain people as uninteresting as they are at home. We all know (and, on certain occasions, are) those types — these are the tourists… Read more »

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April Showers (And Not Much Else)

The old adage says that April showers bring May flowers but lately I’ve been seeing too much of the former. In New York, it’s been a very cold and murky last few months — I am so ready for the flowers to come out and for the weather to get even a little warmer.  

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Planning Vs. You Know, Not

I am the type of person who makes a lot of plans. I make plans for the things I’ll do at work and the  things I’ll do after work. I make plans for the chapters of a book I’ll read and the exercises at the gym I’ll do on a particular day. But I am… Read more »

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Computer Issues

Computer issues prevent me from putting together a proper blog post. 🙁 I’m typing this post up on my iPad to not break my streak of blogging during every day of 2017 but am definitely too annoyed from my computer breakdown to find photos or write anything more substantial. Until tomorrow, pals!

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5 Weird English Words, A List.

You do not have to be a writer or a linguist to appreciate a good rare word. There are some words that you just want to pronounce endlessly — due to the unusual combination of sounds, they are just that much fun to say. Here is my own list of recently-learned verbal favourites.   cacoethes, noun –… Read more »

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Thoughts on Time.

I am not the first person to observe that time seems to speed up when you reach your twenties. That said, I am feeling this quite acutely at the moment — years seem to take on a much less monumental meaning than they did at different points in my life. I think you know what I’m… Read more »

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The Annoying Idea That Won’t Go Away

I want to write a book. The idea has been sitting with me since I could write (even when I was a child, I’d tell people I’d write books for a living) but has lately started to come up in my thoughts almost to the point of an obsession. Untold stories weigh you down with both… Read more »

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Proustian Madeleines

Ah, madeleines. Made famous by Marcel Proust in his seven-volume novel In Search of Lost Time, they are commonly associated with involuntary memory — in one of literature’s most famous moments, Proust dips the small cake into hot tea and feels transported back into a happy moment of his childhood, thinking about how his aunt used… Read more »